Cost of Building and Your Taxes 

Building a new structure will require some investment and we’ve made every effort to propose a new Community Town Hall building that is fully functional, modest in design, and reasonably priced. And if we do receive a “yes” vote on building a new structure, we’ve worked out a solution that might very well cause no impact on your property taxes in 2019 and perhaps beyond.

We’ve heard the community’s concerns about cost on prior proposals. Since offering a new town hall plan several years ago, we’ve made many changes to the design, and despite the rising cost of building materials, we’ve reduced the cost of the new building proposal by about 33%. This was achieved by:
  • using town-owned land for the building site (no land purchase necessary),
  • the square footage of the structure was reduced by over 3,000 square feet thereby saving $150,000 in building cost
  • and we’d likely forgo other amenities like paving the parking lot in the near-term.

After making the cost reductions described above, we expect the cost of building a new Community Town Hall to be around $1-1.14 million. This is not however the cost that will be absorbed by our community.
  • We expect the State of New York to contribute $350,000 to the project
  • The town also has a building fund set aside in the amount of $250,000 that would be used.
  • As a result, the net investment from our community will likely be only $600,000.

Because the Community Town Hall would be a new municipal structure, we are eligible to finance this remaining $600,000 using a long-term, low interest rate bond that will be spread over 15 years.

With the reduction in building costs, the utilization of state and saved funds, and the availability of a long-term bond for the remaining investment, we expect that your property taxes will not be affected in 2019 and possibly beyond by voting ‘yes’ on building a new Community Town Hall. 

On the other hand, if we receive a “no” vote on November 6th, it will be very likely that necessary renovations to what is now the temporary town hall would cause your property taxes to go up. This is because the double wide trailer used now would have to be replaced by an up-to-code building with many costly renovations such as:
  • an acceptable septic system
  • modification to the Highway Garage truck bay would be necessary
  • current parking issues would need to be remedied
  • the roof requires replacement
  • and areas of the building would need to be reconstructed for ease of public access.

More importantly, renovating the temporary town hall that we use now will not allow us to receive grant money from the state, nor would it be eligible for the low interest long-term bond financing. We would be required to seek short term financing that needs to be repaid in 5 or 6 years and the interest rate would be relatively high.  Therefore, completing all the work and creating a structure necessary to remain at the temporary town hall building would very likely cause a property tax increase.

In sum, we are confident that building a new Community Town Hall will actually save our town money as compared to making the required renovations on what is now the temporary location of the town hall. We’ll be going over cost figures in greater detail at the upcoming town meetings and we encourage you to attend to ask questions or leave them for us on the Home Page of this website.


Vote Tuesday, November 6th, 2018  8am-9pm

The vote on the proposal for a new Town Hall building will take place on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018. While the building of a new structure would be the Town Board’s first choice, we look forward to discussing this proposal to ensure that all voices are heard and a decision is made that is best for the community.